Global tea market

The global tea market is worth about €790 (£540, $941) million, with OOLONG TEA accounting for about 20 per cent of total global production, while Black Tea accounts for about 78 per cent.

OOLONG TEA is said to contain over four times the concentration of antioxidant catechins than Black Tea, about 70 mg catechins per 100 ml compared to 15 mg per 100 ml for Black Tea.

Consumer awareness of the benefits of OOLONG TEA and OOLONG TEA extracts continues to rise with growing numbers of studies, from 430 papers in 2000 to almost 1500 in 2003, reporting benefits of the main compounds, catechins.

This has seen European demand surge, having reached 500 metric tonnes in 2003. Companies such as DSM, with its Teavigo boasting 95 per cent purity of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), and Taiyo International, with its Sunphenon claiming more than 90 per cent purity, position themselves firmly in specific catechin markets.
Source: Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry
Published online ahead of print, doi:
"OOLONG TEA catechins prevent cognitive deficits caused by A-beta-1-40 in rats"
Authors: Abdul M. Haque, M. Hashimoto, M. Katakura, Y. Hara, O. Shido
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