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We've helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their health and lose stubborn pounds Some of these happy people have written us over the years, and have given us permission to share their experiences in order to help you decide if this product is right for you.

My name is Kim. I wanted to let you know that my results from your tea have been great. Far past my expectations. I started taking Original Wu-Yi Tea after my wedding. The wedding day was amazing with all my family and friends there, just about everything was perfect. Then a couple days later we got our wedding pictures back. I had tried losing weight before the wedding using a couple different diets and had managed to lose about 10 pounds  I thought it was a lot! Then I saw the pictures and it was obvious that ten pounds wasn t enough. I vowed to lose the extra weight once and for all.
I started drinking Original Wu-Yi Tea a week after seeing my wedding pictures. Within a month of my wedding I had lost 7 pounds. I followed the instructions perfectly for the next couple of months and lost another 30 pounds. After a little over a year I had lost 72 pounds! I am so grateful that a product that is so simple helped me improve my health, my appearance, and my life.
My goal was to lose the weight by the time I was a bridesmaid for my best friend s wedding. Thanks to Original Wu-Yi Tea I was able to lose the weight in time. During that time I drank Original Wu-Yi Tea twice a day. It was easy and it was something that I could share with my friends and family. I didn t have to hide that I was drinking the tea and they could all see the results. It made my weight loss that much easier and fun. I had fun and never felt hungry, like I expected to. The day of my friend's wedding was great. Everyone was amazed that I had lost that much weight. I love Original Wu-Yi Tea and now I call it "Oh, Wow, You're Thin! Thank you so much. I have recommended Original Wu-Yi Tea to all my friends!

- Kim Young Houston, TX

Hi, my name is Cindy. I am a third grade teacher and if you asked me if my job is stressful, I would have said, No!, because I love my job so much. At the beginning of this school year, though, I noticed I was drinking more and more [diet soda]. Before I discovered your tea, I was buying a large [diet soda] from [a fast food restaurant] on the way to work, sipping that all morning and getting one from the vending machine at my break, lunch and before I drove home. I had also began to put on the pounds this year like never before. When I read about your tea, I thought, maybe my job is more stressful than I thought and when I did think about it, it is stressful, because I want to do a really good job and I'm a perfectionist that way. I made myself fix tea with breakfast for a couple of days and it wasn't that hard to skip the drive-thru on the way to work. Then I got a little electric kettle for work and made tea there. It has made a big difference! I am feeling so much calmer, but in a way more alert and more decisive. The very best thing is that I have enough energy to take a walk before dinner. I don't know if the tea is helping me lose weight or the exercise but I am definitely going the opposite direction I was. I figure if I lose a pound a week, like I have, I will be able to lose my ten extra pounds before summer vacation. I feel that losing weight this way, I will be able to keep it off and it will keep coming off AND it is SO EASY!! Thanks for your wonderful product.

- Cindy Boston, MA

I am a scientist by trade, so I approach everything with skepticism.  When my sister started using your tea, I decided to look into it and see how it could possibly do everything you claim.  After a few days of research, I was already convinced.  It really comes down to the polyphenols!  The concentration is so much higher in your tea than other sources like pomegranate juice, which I've been drinking for years trying to get the same benefits.  Needless to say I not only allowed my sister to continue ordering tea from you, I signed up myself.  Thank you for letting the world in on this old-world secret!

- Katie McCormack Warm Springs, OR

Hi, my name is Linda. Many of my friends are kind of obsessed with losing weight. It was kind of hard to take her seriously because she was overweight. I don't think she was healthy either. I was confused, so that's how this began. I was looking online for a job as a nutritionist when I found Original Wu-Yi Tea. I liked the idea of something so natural, so I started ordering your tea for myself. I started noticing my thighs and calves finally slimming down, but I still felt bad about my mom struggling. So, I finally told her I would feel better about the future if she were healthier and I was afraid that she wouldn't live as long as she could. She could see how much it was helping me, and I was able to answer all of her questions and show her how easy it was. She decided to get healthier and I was happy about it! Part of what she did was to drink Original Wu-Yi Tea throughout the day. I think she had a lot of courage to try to take the first step. I hope you will tell people they can be healthier. I don't need to lose any more weight and I am glad to have a healthier and thin mom. She has energy and is more fun to be with. Now when she gives me some advice I think maybe she has good ideas after all.

- Linda Hoovers Salt Lake City, UT

Hello. I am writing to tell you the huge difference your tea has made to me and my health. I have never written to anyone like this before but your tea is so great and so easy. Ok, here's my story. In my first semester of college, I gained 30 pounds. All I did was sit around and talk to other kids and eat potato chips and junk food. Ten years later, I still had the extra weight.  Whenever I thought about dieting, I would get very anxious and start eating like mad, so I quit thinking about it. Sometimes I tried going to the gym, but I never kept it up, plus I would gain weight, rather than lose it. My kid sister lost a bunch of weight and once when I was over there snooping around to find out her secret, she made herself some tea and said it was weight loss tea. I guess I was thinking it would be some whack-o diet like only eat jello, but I was surprised when she said that was the ONLY thing she was doing. She shared some with me and said that the way it worked was to drink it in the morning and at dinner time. Then she made me promise that if I did that, I wouldn't think about it, just do it. So, that's what I did. Funny thing is I started losing weight. Then I felt like riding my bike on the week-ends. Maybe that helped, but I never would have done that if I wouldn't have lost some weight so easily. I have lost thirty-six pounds. I feel good, eat better, and exercise more. I am much healthier and look better too. Thanks for making losing weight so simple and fool-proof.

- Jenna Jones Denver, CO

I have lost over 50 pounds drinking Original Wu-Yi Tea.  I am so proud of myself and wanted to thank you for the help. I have not gained any weight back for 6 months. I didn't think I could do it. I have been a yo yo dieter for the last 10 years. Every time I lost 10 pounds or so, I would regain that ten and a few more. I hope you will not mind me writing back to say that I have kept of the weight for a year, two years and so on! I still drink Original Wu-Yi Tea every day. I would miss it if I didn't have it! It is so comforting to think that it is a naturally grown product and will not hurt me, even if I drink it for the rest of my life. I am so happy with my new look and even more happy with my new energy. Keep up the good work! I tell everyone about Original Wu-Yi Tea!

- Pat Parker Memphis, TN

I wanted to share my story about my weight loss. I successfully lost 40 pounds over a period of six months. It all started with Original Wu-Yi Tea. I never thought I could lose a single pound. My doctor told me that I had an increased chance of diabetes and heart disease. My mother had died from diabetes, and I knew it had a genetic factor. It was just starting that I had so much trouble with. When I read about Original Wu-Yi Tea it sounded easy enough and I thought I could at least drink a couple of cups of tea a day. I'm not sure what happened, but when I saw that I had lost five pounds, I somehow knew that I could do it. Original Wu-Yi Tea gave me the confidence and the initial results to keep going. I eventually made some big changes in my life. I walk for thirty minutes a day, and enjoy it! I also have given up some of the foods that were a real problem for me, french fries, hot dogs and ice cream. I don't really miss them, and when I think of eating them I also think about how I felt when I was fifty pounds overweight. I am sharing my story because I hope people who are overweight will just take the first step. You don't have to give up anything or change your habits until you can see you can do it! Thanks for making an easy-to-use method of losing weight. Good luck to everyone who is making healthy choices. You can do it.

- Kara Perkins Belmont, KA


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I never thought I could lose a single pound. Original Wu-Yi Tea gave me the confidence and the initial results to keep going....
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After a few days of research, I was convinced. Thank you for letting the world in on this old-world secret!....
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